Living. Loving. Learning. Leanne.

About Leanne

I am a Certified Life Coach with specific interest in utilizing Universal life principles to help clients achieve their deepest dreams and desires.  With 25 years of experience applying these laws in my own life, I know that when you work in alignment with the Universe and its inevitable truths, life is joyful and, often effortless, and that true miracles can occur.  Conversely, I have also experienced the discomfort of being out of alignment, trying too hard to “make” things happen, making life unnecessarily more challenging where glimmers of joy and fulfillment are too few and far between.

So, for the balance of my life, I’ve chosen to coach and teach those I work with to create joyful, fulfilling and passionate lives, and to embrace every day of this wonderful journey.  I’m exchanging the past two decades of my life that were spent in the world of “corporate communications” for a future working with like-minded individuals who are open to the reality that everyone can walk the road to happiness if we know where to begin. 

"Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer."
~Ernest Holmes
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